Crunching the Latest PS3 Scene News! - PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials Approved Useful Tutorials, written up by our valued crunching members! en Fri, 09 Nov 2012 01:00:25 GMT vBulletin 5 Crunching the Latest PS3 Scene News! - PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials how to downgrade 4.21 to 3.55 without e3flasher Wed, 07 Nov 2012 17:25:01 GMT The first step is to remove the PS3 hard disk from the console. The next step is to connect the drive to the PC. To do this, you must turn off the... The first step is to remove the PS3 hard disk from the console.
The next step is to connect the drive to the PC. To do this, you must turn off the PC and open the case. If you do not have any free ports or SATA cables, you can usually use the data and power cables from your DVD drive. Once the PS3 hard drive is installed in the PC, start the system.
Once windows has started, you want to open up the command prompt as Administrator.
Type "diskpart" into the command prompt and hit ENTER.
Type "list disk" into the command prompt and hit ENTER.
This will produce a list of all your hard drives. You can usually identify the drive by size. You will need the disk number for the next step.
Type "select disk X" where "X" is replaced with the drive disk number, then hit ENTER
Type "clean" and hit ENTER.
Type "create partition primary" and hit ENTER
Type "select partition 1" and hit ENTER
Type "active" and hit ENTER
Type "assign" and hit ENTER
At this point, windows will probably give you a pop-up offering to format the drive. It is generally a good idea to format the drive at this point just to make sure that it does not have any massive physical problems. You will want to to a "Full Format", not a "Quick Format".
Type "exit" into the command prompt and hit ENTER
Type "exit" into the command prompt and hit ENTER

Once these steps are done, turn off the PC, remove the drive, reconnect your DVD drive, and then slide the hard disk back into the PS3
now you should install rebug 3.55.3_DGR
Now you will have to format a USB drive with FAT32.
Create a new folder on the drive called, "PS3" (all caps).
Open this folder and create a new folder inside of it called "UPDATE" (all caps).
Find the PUP for whatever firmware you were running before your issues and copy it to the "UPDATE" folder.
Rename the PUP file to "PS3UPDAT.PUP" (all caps).
Remove the flash drive from the PC and plug it into the PS3. Plug a controller into the PS3 as well.
Start the system and follow the prompts, if there are no hardware issues and there is nothing wrong with your USB drive, then the system should reinstall itself, often fixing multiple problems ]]>
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DEX 2 CEX: Easy Way - This simply works for sure, always. NO BRICK!!!!!!?goto=newpost Tue, 06 Nov 2012 00:55:49 GMT Hi, i'm glad to introduce myself to the PS3 scene with this little tutorial!
This works for everybody, even for those who didn't set QA Flag before converting to DEX and does not require Factory Service Mode Downgrade so the hdd will not be formatted!!!

DOWNLOAD: MirrorCreator: d2c_for_n00bs.rar (includes all the stuff needed except MultiMAN)
Password: Powered by Brenza

I built a 3.55 DEX CFW with Retail CoreOS this allow you to easily dump the per_console_key_1 (aka eEID Rootkey) by using the flatz's eEID Root Key Dumper.pkg for 3.55 CEX
The CFW also has SS Patches to let you set the Glevand's qa_extra.pkg from DEX

How to create a valid CEX dump (optional, if needed)
If you lost your original CEX dump you can create a new one:
1) Install the "CFW 3.55 DEX With Retail Patched CoreOS" inside the archive
2) Install and run the homebrew eEID Root Key Dumper.pkg
3) Copy your key from /dev_hdd0/tmp/eid_root_key to c2d_WithNandSupport folder in the archive
4) Create a dump of your DEX flash (use MultiMAN, memdump, preloader.. etc)
5) Copy the dump to c2d_WithNandSupport folder in the archive
6) Use c2d to create your CEX dump (see c2d readme for help)

How to Convert from DEX to CEX
1) Install the "CFW 3.55 DEX With Retail Patched CoreOS" inside the archive
2) Install the last version of Deank's MultiMAN for CEX (min ver 4.10.00) <--- DEX version won't work
3) Install also rebook.pkg and qa_flag_extra.pkg
4) Run MultiMAN and open the filemanager (SELECT+START)
5) Rename your FLASH-CEX dump properly (if you don't have one read below how to create one)
If 16 MB dumo rename it in FLASH-CEX.EID0.NORBIN
If 239/256 MB dump rename it in FLASH-CEX.EID0.NANDBIN
6) "Open" the dump pressing "X" twice and say "yes" to all questions
7) Close MultiMAN by pressing PS, do NOT power off the PS3 until i say it
8) Run the homebrew reboot.pkg
9) Run the homebrew qa_flag_extra.pkg <--- If you don't hear 3 beeps try again or you'll brick
10) Power off the PS3
11) Enter in the Recovery Menu and install the original 3.55 CEX <--- Don't install it from XBM or you'll brick!
Successfully tested on my Slim without qa-flag but it should works on NAND too :rock:

Special thanks to Sguerrini97 who did half of the job
Thanks to Deank, glevand, flatz, euss and all the other guys behind ps3mfw builder!
Oh, sorry my bad english! :P ]]>
PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials Brenza!!!
<![CDATA[itskamel's Dummy_BDEMU tutorial for REBUG REX]]> Sat, 03 Nov 2012 22:06:45 GMT itskamel's Dummy_BDEMU tutorial for REBUG REX

This is for people who have a broken blu ray drive but their logic board is still working and are having issues playing some backups. This is only available for use on REBUG REX firmwares 3.55.3 and 4.21.


1. Pc and a PS3
2. USB stick (512MB minimum)
3. Disc Image Generator Software (ps3gen)
4. Playstation3.iso Dummy BDEMU image
5. REBUG (REX) CFW 4.21 or REBUG (REX) 3.55.3 operating in DEX mode with DEX lv2_kernel (FULL DEX MODE)

Step 1.

Download this and extract it to your desktop

Step 2.

Connect a USB HDD to your PC to be used for BDEMU

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Step 6.

Step 7.

Step 8.

Install multiman 4.10.00 via pkg manager (this again was one of the files you extracted earlier).

Step 9.

Step 10.

Start your game from the Disc Icon in the XMB

Step 11.

Use the like button if this helped. 3rd tut in 3 days. phew.

andbey0nd as you requested, hopefully this will help some people. Although it is almost everything you said word for word in your release notes. :p ]]>
PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials itskamel
DEX2CEX Without CEX Flash Fri, 02 Nov 2012 13:59:40 GMT Hi guys we found a Simple method for return to CEX without a CEX Flash backup we Tested 45 Console With this Method So I would say it Working 100%... Hi guys
we found a Simple method for return to CEX without a CEX Flash backup
we Tested 45 Console With this Method So I would say it Working 100%

Note:This tutorial will format your internal ps3 HDD

Step1: Installing DEX 3.55_MFW without OtherOS v3 Exeedy

First Download DEX 3.55_MFW without OtherOS v3 Exeedy and Install That on you PS3

Step2: Dumping your DEX Flash with Memdump

in this Step you must Install memdump on your PS3

Download and Install That on your PS3
Put a USB Device in the Right USB Port
then Run memdump and Press X for dumping your Flash in USB Device.

Step3: Installing Rogero CFW v3.7

in this Step you must install Rogero CFW v3.7 on you DEX console.but How?

Follow me:

First Download Rogero CFW v3.7 and rename that to "PS3UPDAT.PUP"

Put PS3UPDAT.PUP in Root of your USB Device

Now Download this Special Lv2diag:

too Put Lv2diag in Root of your USB Device
for going to FactoryServiceMode without Jig USB we need below App:

too Put FactoryServiceMode.pkg in Root of your USB Device
So you have three files in your USBDevice (FactoryServiceMode.pkg,Lv2diag and PS3UPDAT.PUP)
connect your USB Device in the Right USB Port Then turn on your PS3
go to Install Package and Installing FactoryServiceMode.pkg on your PS3
now run it and wait until you PS3 turn off automatic
After your PS3 turned off ,You must get out of FactoryServiceMode
for this Download Lv2diag2 in below Link:

Put Lv2diag in a empty USB device and connect USB Device to Right USB Port and turn on your PS3
now you are already on Rogero 3.55 (v3.7)

Step4: Dumping your eid_root_key

First Download eEID_RKDumper

install eEID_RKDumper.pkg then remove your USB then run eEID_RKDumper
open multiman go to mmOS
open folder dev_hdd0/temp then copy eid_root_key to usb (48bytes)

Step5: Convert DEX Flash To CEX Flash

First Download Special Package :

After Download,Extract That To Drive " C " in your PC

now install Win32OpenSSL_Light-1_0_1c.exe
during the installation,Select " /bin "
after Installing Finished,Go in Drive "C" and Rename OpenSSL-Win32 To OpenSSL
now Rename your DEX Flash(flash_store_3.500) to "flashdex" and eid_root_key to eid0
and Then copy both the file in c2d Folder
Open CMD and Type the two times " cd .."

go in c2d folder with Typing "cd c2d"
you are already in c2d Folder
Now copy the text below and Paste in CMD and Then Press "Enter":

c2d.exe eid0 flashdex.bin flashcex.bin 84

A new file will be created with the name"flashcex"

Rename flashcex to myCEX.EID0.NORBIN and Continue

Step6: write your CEX Dump on Flash

copy my.CEX.EID0.NORBIN (nor Console) to USB Device and Connect it to your PS3
open multiman > mmOS then double click 3my.CEX.EID0.NORBIN in USB Device and Choose yes>yes>yes
quit multiman but Don't turn off your PS3
Now Put Rogero CFW v3.7, Lv2diag.self in your USB Device Like Step 3 and Connect to Right USB Port

Run FactoryServiceMode app From XMB and wait until your PS3 turn off automatic
After your PS3 turned off ,You must get out of FactoryServiceMode
Put Lv2diag2(Like Step 3) in a empty USB device and connect USB Device to Right USB Port and turn on your PS3

now you are already on Rogero 3.7 and Your Console is CEX

Source Console-Hax (for more use Google Translator)

__________________ ]]>
PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials Nicolas
How to use open edemu hdd manager tutorial Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:53:36 GMT somebody help me plz somebody help me plz ]]> PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials sincere87 <![CDATA[PS3 NAND CECHA-G 4.21 DEX > 3.55 DEX > 3.55 CEX Success Rate?]]> Wed, 24 Oct 2012 17:48:33 GMT I have been doing an endless amount of research and have not found a definite answer if people have successfully reverted their NAND PS3's back to retail mode. My model happens to be CECHE. While searching through many sites... I've only found one person that successfully reverted back. However, they had posted zero information on how that was obtained.

My question is... Has anyone successfully restored their PS3 back to CEX? Any help and tutorials that were successful would be greatly appreciated.

*** EDIT ***
Moderator please delete this thread. I will post my findings in the following thread: Link ]]>
PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials sumolx
<![CDATA[[Tutorial] Get out of a brick, without hardware flasher like E3 or ProgSkeet]]> Fri, 19 Oct 2012 10:48:24 GMT Hello everyone.

I don't know if this is already known or not, but since i only see alot of people everywere asking for help, from a brick, of a bad downgrade, or a mistake when returning from dex to cex, i'm posting this small finding by me, so i hope it can help alot of you.

I've done this on a 60GB PS3 with NAND, it my also work on NOR PS3.

What i've done? I was trying to go back on CEX, when by mistake, after flashing the nand, i turned it off on power button. Doing this, gives you a small brick. So i decided to test a way that i found to install a partiall "cex/dex" FW, if i can cal that, that was downgrading using CFW rogero v3.4 (v3.7 also works). So, i connected my jailbreak pen in downgrade mode, to prepare the PS3 for downgrade. Ps3 will turn off. Now swap it with a normal usb pen, with rogero cfw v3.4 or v3.7 and FILE1 lv2diag.self on the root of it. Connect it to the most right usb door, and press power button, let the ps3 do its job, when you see ps3 is turned off, remove usb, delete all files on it, and swap FILE1 with FILE2 lv2diag.self, also known as lv2diag_exit.self. Connect it again to the same usb door. Turn PS3 on power button, it will flash and turn off automaticly. Then, remove USB, and power on PS3, it will now be out of a brick.

This may also work downgrading from OFW 3.70 to OFW 3.55, but im still testing this.
I will also try if may also work on other higher FW like 4.21.

PS: I'm not responsible for any wrong move from any user using this finding. I'm just trying to help people who have a bricked PS3, that has nothing to lose on testing this. Feel free to make questions, i'll try to answer if i know.

Don't Forget to get some feedback.

PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials viperturbo
Cex To Dex To Cex Tutorial by yayes Sat, 13 Oct 2012 06:50:23 GMT Cex To Dex To CEX Tutorial
WARNING!! Backup your CEX Flash Dump!! Don't Deleted it Or You In DEX Forever

Im not responsible for any problems/bricks the members suffer and that they'll do it on their own risk.

Make Sure You don't Have Spoofer Installed

Download kmeaw3.55
Multiman 04.06.02CEX

Multiman 04.06.02DEX
The Rest Of Tools Here

Archive Content

Backup tools
1. genGP3_v2.2
2. Open BDEMU HDD Manager
3. PkgView_1.3
4. ProDGForPlayStation3v420.1.0
5. PS3 Game Updater 1.41
6. PS3_Generator_Tools-330
7. PSN_Package_NPDRM

Convert tools
1. cex2dex
2. dtbImage.ps3
3. eEID_RKDumper
4. NAND-dtbImage.ps3

qa_flagging Tools
2. qa_flag_extra.pkg

1. 4.21DEX
3. OFW3.55DEX
4. 3.55DEX_MFW_Created_By_Yayes


No Need To Format your HDD
No Need To Installing LINUX As Well
If You Have Thropy Error After Convert To DEX Just Launch Rebuild Database From Recovery Mode

Copy Updater Folder To dev_hdd0

Part1: qa_Flagging Your Console
2. install qa_flag_extra.pkg and run it
To Make Sure You Have Succesfully Integrated qa_flag in your console go to network setting (don't enter network setting) and press L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+Directional button Down
and you can see edyviewer, debug setting, install packages menus
3. Turn on system Update DEBUG in debug setting

Q: Why I Must qa_Flag My Console ?
A: This Need When revert Back to Cex So We Can AVoid Brick

Part2: Dump Your Flash And Root Key
1. check wether your console nand atau nor CLICK !!! Here
2. install Latest multiMAN (CEX Version)
3. plug your usb to your PS3 and Open multiman and Open Filemanager (select+start) Select any file > press O > open in hex viewer > press Select+start > choose yes on option dump your flash storage (Otherwise Choose NO) file will copied to USB extension .norbin (nor console) Or .nandbin (nand console)
4. install eEID_RKDumper.pkg then remove your USB then run eEID_RKDumper
5. open multiman go to file manager
open folder dev_hdd0/temp then copy eid_root_key to usb (48bytes)

Part3: Convert your CEX Flash To DEX Flash
1. extract cex2dex.rar
2. Load your Dump Flash in tab Nor/Nand Flash Dump
3. Load your Root key in Metldr Dump TAB

Click CEX > DEX and save file with name 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN (for nor console)
355DEX.EID0.NANDBIN (for NAND console)

Part4: Convert Your Console To DEX Machine
1. copy 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN (nor Console) to USB and plug it to your PS3
2. open multiman > filemanager then double click 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN in USB and Choose yes>yes>yes
3. quit multiman
4. turn off your PS3 Using Controller PS3 (Don't Turn OFF Using Power Button)
5. Then Power on Your Console Using power button
6. install 3.55DEX.PUP from XMB

Revert Back To Cex
1. install 3.55DEXOFW (not downgrade one) then install multiman CEX (Latest)
2. then Flash You Console Using Flash Cex You are previously dump
3. turn off your PS3 Using Controller PS3 (Don't Turn OFF Using Power Button)
4. Then Power on Your Console Using power button
5. install 3.55kmeaw.PUP from XMB

i myself have installed this on Nand CECHG01 with no issues. Pretty quick and simple tutorial to have Dex 4.21 running on your system. ]]>
PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials windrider
kmeaw 3.55 online gaming and pns ???????????? Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:53:58 GMT ok just gotta quick question ......over this past week i have been getting my ps3 up to date and all even figured out how to make my own custom boot... ok just gotta quick question ......over this past week i have been getting my ps3 up to date and all even figured out how to make my own custom boot screens.....but the next thing i need to know is can i get my ps3 back on line wit the online gaming and getting back into the psn running 3.55 kmeaw im not on dex im just running everything regular but i jus wanna know what up wit getting back into the network and online gaming ]]> PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials callie4l need some help getting the ps3 up to date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 23:13:10 GMT hello all i am needing help getting my ps3 up to date with everything that is going on right now im using the true blue dongle (works fine !! and... hello all i am needing help getting my ps3 up to date with everything that is going on right now im using the true blue dongle (works fine !! and all) but i know im not up to date with everything that is goin on first and formost i need to know if i still need that tru blue dongle to play the newer games and if not how can i re hack my ps3 so i dont have to use the dongle any more and i would also like to know if i can get my netflix working on my ps3 again i am on 3.55 (tru blue) (no rebug) and also how the hell do i update my multiman .......ohh yeah sorry 1 more thing where the hell do i find all the themes for the xmb and where can i get psn games at sorry i know this might now be the right section didnt know where else to post ......and if there is any tut for re hacking my ps3 i would also need it thanx in advance ]]> PS3Crunch Scene Tutorials callie4l <![CDATA[Omnomnom's Tasty A-Z of mmDM Game-Running Tutorials]]> Mon, 10 Sep 2012 22:54:03 GMT
Omnomnom's Tasty mmDM Game-Running How-To A-Z

All mmDM Game-Running Tutorials will be listed here and will mainly be written by me, and all of the listed games have been tested on official DEX 4.21 firmware, unless otherwise stated.

If you want to know how to run the game successfully via mmDM, then click on the game names like how you would click on a spoiler or hyperlink.

However, post-3.55 firmware-released games will most likely need to have the PARAM.SFO file for the game edited to version 3.55 if they want a game to boot up successfully, and if you have a game that should work on 3.55 and doesn't, feel free to message me about it.

05/10/2012 - If any of my fixes say to cut/paste everything from USRDIR, that means everything but the boot. Your USRDIR must have an eboot.bin to function properly, so don't move it unless I state otherwise.

GAMES TESTED & NOT WORKING ON mmDM (If you get them to work let us know)
Captain America (wont load at all)
Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Trilogy (Boots to game select screen but no games work)
LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2

Omnomnom's Personal List of Working Games


001    3D DOT GAME HEROES [BLES00875]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00875\
003    AFRO SAMURAI [BLUS30264]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30264\
004    Alice: Madness Returns� [BLES01265]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01265\
005    Aliens vs Predator [BLUS30340]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30340\
006    Assassin's Creed I � [BLES00158]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00158\
007    Assassin's Creed II � [BLES00669]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00669\
008    Assassin's Creed � Brotherhood [BLES00909]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00909\
009    Assassin's Creed � Revelations [BLES01467]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01467\
010    ASURA'S WRATH [BLUS30721]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30721\
011    Atelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland [BLES01593]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01593\
012    Atelier Rorona The Alchemist of Arland [BLES01030]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01030\
013    Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland [BLUS30735]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30735\
014    Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY [BLUS30515]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30515\
015    Batman: Arkham City� [BLUS30538]  [CEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30978\
016    BATTLEFIELD 3� [BLES01275]  [CEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01275\
017    BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 1� [BLES00259]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00259\
018    BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2� [BLUS30517]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30517\
019    BAYONETTA [BLUS30367]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30367\
020    BINARY DOMAIN [BLES01211]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01211\
021    BioShock [BLES00316]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00316\
022    BioShock 2 [BLUS30420]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30420\
023    BLAZBLUE [BLES00820]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00820\
024    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND [BLUS30869]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30869\
025    BLEACH: Soul Resurreccion [BLUS30769]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30769\
026    Brink [BLUS30310]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30310\
027    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway� [BLUS30165]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30165\
028    Bulletstorm [BLES01134]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01134\
029    Burnout� Paradise The Ultimate Box [BLES00455]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00455\
030    Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 1 [BLES00148]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00148\
031    Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 [BLES00683]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00683\
032    Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 [BLUS30838]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30838\
033    Call of Duty 3 [BLES00016]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00016\
034    Call of Duty�: Black Ops [BLUS30591]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30591\
035    Call of Duty�: World at War [BLUS30192]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30192\
036    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow� [BLUS30339]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30339\
037    Catherine [BLUS30428]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30428\
038    Child of Eden [BLES01114]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01114\
039    Condemned 2 [BLES00219]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00219\
040    Crysis� [NPUB30302]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\NPUB30302\
041    Crysis�2 [BLUS30631]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30631\
042    Dante's Inferno� [BLUS30405]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30405\
043    Dark Sector [BLES00222]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00222\
044    DARK SOULS [BLES01402]  [CEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01402\
045    Dark Void [BLUS30323]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30323\
046    Darksiders [BLES00705]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00705\
047    Dead Island [BLUS30790]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30790\
048    Dead Rising 2 [BLES00948]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00948\
049    Dead Rising 2: Off The Record [BLES01302]  [CEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01302\
050    Dead Space� [BLUS30177]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30177\
051    Dead Space� 2 [BLUS30624]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30624\
052    Dead Space� Extraction (Disc) [NPUB30337]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\NPUB30337\
053    Demon's Souls [BLUS30443]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30443\
054    Deus Ex: Human Revolution [BLUS30476]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30476\
055    Dragon's Dogma [BLES01356]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01356\
056    DRIVER San Francisco [BLUS30536]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30536\
057    Duke Nukem Forever [BLES01147]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01147\
058    El Shaddai ASCENSION OF THE METATRON [BLES01163]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01163\
059    ENCHANTED ARMS [BLES00049]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00049\
060    ENSLAVED�: Odyssey to the West� [BLUS30558]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30558\
061    ETERNAL SONATA [BLES00444]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00444\
062    F.E.A.R. [BLUS30003]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30003\
063    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin [BLES00464]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00464\
064    F.E.A.R. 3 [BLUS30511]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30511\
065    FALLOUT 3 GAME OF THE YEAR [BLUS30451]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30451\
066    Far Cry� 2 [BLUS30178]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30178\
068    FINAL FANTASY XIII [MRTC00003]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\MRTC00003\
069    FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 [BLUS30776]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30776\
070    Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage [BLUS30504]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30504\
071    Folklore� [BCES00050]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00050\
072    GHOSTBUSTERS�: The Video Game [BCES00642]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00642\
073    God Of War� Collection [BCUS98229]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98229\
074    God of War�: Origins Collection [BCUS98289]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98289\
075    Gran Turismo 5 [BCES00569]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00569\
076    Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition [BLUS30682]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30682\
077    Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters [BLES01116]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01116\
078    Homefront [BLES00962]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00962\
079    Hunted: The Demon's Forge [BLUS30406]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30406\
080    Hyperdimension Neptunia [BLUS30701]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30701\
081    Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 [BLUS30901]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30901\
082    ICO� & Shadow of the Colossus� Classics HD (BCES-01097 EU) [BCES01097]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES01097\
083    inFamous [BCES00609]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00609\
084    inFAMOUS� 2 [BCUS98125]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98125\
085    Jak and Daxter Collection� [BCUS98281]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98281\
086    James Bond 007: Blood Stone [BLES01017]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01017\
087    James Bond GoldenEye 007�: Reloaded [BLUS30755]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30755\
088    James Bond: Quantum of Solace [BLUS30198]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30198\
089    Just Cause 2 [BLES00517]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00517\
090    Katamari Forever [BLES00658]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00658\
091    Killzone�2 [BCES00081]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00081\
092    Killzone�3 [BCES01007]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES01007\
093    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning [BLUS30710]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30710\
094    L.A. Noire [BLUS30554]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30554\
095    LOST PLANET 2 [MRTC00002]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\MRTC00002\
097    Mafia II Director's Cut [BLES01165]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01165\
098    Mass Effect� 3 [BLUS30853]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01462\
099    Max Payne 3 [BLES00942]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00942\
100    Medal of Honor Airborne� [BLUS30067]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30067\
101    Medal of Honor� [BLUS30436]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30436\
102    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames� [BLUS30056]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30056\
103    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection [BLUS30847]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30847\
104    MINDJACK [MRTC00014]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\MRTC00014\
105    MiNi NiNJAS� [BLUS30284]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30284\
106    Mirror's Edge� [BLES00322]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00322\
107    Mortal Kombat [BLUS30522]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30522\
109    MotorStorm� [BCUS98137]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98137\
110    NARUTO Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM 1 [BLES00371]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00371\
111    NARUTO Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2 [BLES00952]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00952\
112    NARUTO SHIPPUDEN�: Ultimate Ninja� STORM Generations [BLUS30792]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30792\
113    Need for Speed� Carbon [BLUS30016]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30016\
114    Need for Speed� Hot Pursuit [BLES00949]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00949\
115    Need for Speed� ProStreet [BLES00176]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00176\
116    Need for Speed� SHIFT [BLES00682]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00682\
117    Need for Speed� SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED� [BLES01066]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01066\
118    Need for Speed� The Run [BLUS30757]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30757\
119    Need for Speed� Undercover [BLUS30248]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30248\
120    Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [BLJS10150]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLJS10150\
121    NIER [BLUS30481]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30481\
122    NINJA GAIDEN S [BLUS30036]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30036\
124    Operation Flashpoint�: Dragon Rising� [BLUS30316]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30316\
125    Operation Flashpoint�: Red River� [BLUS30704]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30704\
126    OVERLORD I [BLUS30143]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30143\
127    Overlord II [BLES00580]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00580\
128    Prince of Persia [BLUS30214]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30214\
129    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands� [BLES00840]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00840\
130    Prince of Persia Trilogy 3D [BLES01092]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01092\
131    PROTOTYPE� [BLUS30145]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30145\
132    PROTOTYPE�2 [BLES01532]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01532\
133    RAGE [BLUS30485]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30485\
134    Ratchet & Clank 1 [BCES00052]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00052\
135    Ratchet & Clank 2 [BCES00301]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00301\
136    Ratchet & Clank 3 [BCES00511]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00511\
137    Ratchet & Clank 4 [BCES01141]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES01141\
138    Rayman� Origins [BLUS30836]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01386\
139    Red Dead Redemption [BLES01179]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01179\
140    Red Faction: Armageddon [BLUS30585]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30585\
141    Red Faction: Guerrilla [BLES00592]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00592\
142    Resident Evil 4 [NPEB00342]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\NPEB00342\
145    RESIDENT EVIL CODE: Veronica X [NPEB00553]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\NPEB00553\
146    Resistance 1� [BCES00001]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00001\
147    Resistance 2� [BCUS98120]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98120\
148    Resistance 3 [BCES01118]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES01118\
149    Resonance of Fate� [BLUS30484]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30484\
150    RIDGE RACER 7 [BLUS30001]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30001\
151    RUSE [BLUS30478]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30478\
152    Saints Row 2 [BLES00373]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00373\
153    Saints Row: The Third [BLES01342]  [CEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01342\
154    SEGA MEGA DRIVE Ultimate Collection [BLES00475]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00475\
155    Shadows of the Damned� [BLUS30653]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30653\
156    Silent Hill Downpour [BLUS30565]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30565\
157    Silent Hill: Homecoming [BLES00460]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00460\
158    Singularity [BLUS30296]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30296\
159    Siren Blood Curse� [BCES00294]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00294\
160    Skate 1 [BLES00124]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00124\
161    Skate 2 [BLUS30253]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30253\
162    Skate 3 [BLUS30464]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30464\
163    Sniper Elite V2 [BLUS30798]  [CEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30798\
164    Sniper: Ghost Warrior [BLES01286]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01286\
165    SONIC GENERATIONS [BLUS30612]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30612\
166    SOULCALIBUR IV [BLUS30160]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30160\
167    SOULCALIBUR V [BLUS30736]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30736\
168    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [BLES00392]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00392\
169    Spider-Man�: Edge of Time [BLUS30760]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30760\
170    Spider-Man�: Shattered Dimensions [BLES00946]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00946\
171    Splinter Cell: Double Agent [BLES00024]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00024\
172    SSX� [BLUS30849]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30849\
174    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [BLES00678]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00678\
175    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II [BLUS30534]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30534\
176    STRANGLEHOLD� [BLES00144]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00144\
179    Syndicate� [BLUS30804]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30804\
180    Tales of Graces f - Perfect Undub [BLES01617]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01617\
181    Tales of Graces f [BLUS30903]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30903\
182    TEKKEN 6 [BLES00635]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00635\
183    TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 [BLES01702]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01702\
184    The Chronicles of Riddick� Assault on Dark Athena [BLES00554]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00554\
185    The Darkness II [BLUS30743]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30743\
186    The House Of The Dead: OVERKILL� Extended Cut [BLES01326]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01326\
187    The Orange Box [BLUS30055]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30055\
188    The Saboteur [BLUS30407]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30407\
189    The Sly Trilogy� [BCES00968]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00968\
190    The Tomb Raider Trilogy [BLES01195]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES01195\
191    TimeShift [BLES00159]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00159\
192    Tom Clancy�s EndWar� [BLUS30180]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30180\
193    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier� [BLUS30521]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30521\
194    Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X [BLES00330]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00330\
195    Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 [BLUS30488]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30488\
196    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas [BLUS30018]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30018\
197    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [BLUS30125]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30125\
198    Tony Hawk's Project 8 [BLES00014]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00014\
200    TRANSFORMERS Dark of The Moon [BLUS30709]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30709\
201    Transformers: War for Cybertron [BLES00833]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00833\
202    Transformers�: Revenge of The Fallen� [BLES00577]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00577\
203    Trinity Universe [BLES00971]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00971\
204    Twisted Metal [BCUS98106]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98106\
205    Uncharted 1: Drake's Fortune� [BCES00065]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00065\
206    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves� [BCUS98123]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCUS98123\
207    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception� [BCES01175]  [CEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES01175\
208    Valkyria Chronicles [BLES00372]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLES00372\
209    VANQUISH [BLUS30543]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30543\
210    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine [BLUS30432]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30432\
211    White Knight Chronicles� [BCES00225]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00225\
212    White Knight Chronicles� II [BLUS30784]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30784\
213    WipEout� HD Fury [BCES00664]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BCES00664\
214    Wolfenstein� [BLUS30298]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30298\
215    X-Men: Destiny [BLES01351]  [DEX]    B:\GAMEZ\BLUS30746\
























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