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...Or '$99 with subscription plan'.

In the latest 'Pach-Attack' show, the analyst predicts the price of next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, adding that Nintendo wouldn't be able to compete against their offer...

Here goes another prediction by analyst Michael Pachter.

In the latest edition of his "Pach-Attack" show on GameTrailers, he predicted that the 'PS4' and the 'Xbox 720' could likely be priced at $400 and/or at $99 with a subscription plan, similar to what Microsoft is doing with the XBOX 360.

If that does happen, he said the Wii U wouldn't be able to keep up with that kind of offer.

So, what do you think? If true, would you be OK with that kind of pricing? Do you think the Wii U would indeed be able to compete with that?

You can watch the full video on the link below!

NEWS SOURCE #1: Pach-Attack Xbox 720 PS4 Price (via) GameTrailers
NEWS SOURCE #2: Forum Thread #498354 (via) NeoGAF

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RUMOR: New PS4 devkits shipping now, based on AMD A10 series Thu, 01 Nov 2012 18:25:59 GMT
Housed in a normal PC case.

VG247 has shared one HOT rumor related to the upcoming PS4, codenamed 'Orbis'.
According to them, the latest devkit is based on AMD’s A10 APU series and has Blu-Ray...

New PlayStation 4 (codenamed "Orbis") details have hit the net, thanks to an unnamed source who talked to website VG247.

Here are all the details:

- NEW Dev Kits shipping now.

According to them, a new version of the "Orbis" kit is now shipping to developers, and it’s housed in a normal PC case. Apparently, there will be four versions of the dev kit.


A previous version was essentially just a graphics card. The version shipping now is a “modified PC,” and the third version, appearing in January, will be close to final spec. A final version will be delivered to developers “next summer”.
- Developer Meetings.

Sony held a “disclosure meeting” with US developers this week to discuss the machine and the Hardware, with another one to be held in “the coming weeks.”

The name “PlayStation 4″ was never used in these meetings. Sony has always referenced the machine as “Orbis.”

- The Hardware.

According to the source, Orbis is based on the AMD’s A10 APU series, which is a combined CPU and GPU. The system’s APU is “derivative” of existing A10 hardware, and is “based on A10 system and base platform.”


Orbis, we were told today, is based on the AMD’s A10 APU series. An APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is a combined CPU and GPU.

PS4′s APU was described today as a “derivative” of existing A10 hardware. The hardware is “based on A10 system and base platform”.

The “ultimate goal” for the hardware, we were told, is for it to be able to run 1080p60 games in 3D with “no problem,” to create a machine that’s powerful enough for “today and tomorrow’s market”.

The dev kits have “either 8Gb or 16Gb of RAM. Deduce from that what you will.”

The hardware is not being made in Japan, it was said.

When asked if PS4 will have an optical drive, specifically Blu-ray, our source responded: “Of course it has.” We’ve been told the hard drive will be 256Gb “as standard,” but it’s not clear if it’ll be a normal HDD or a solid state drive.

The machine has WiFi and Ethernet connectivity and HDMI out. Our source said the was “no difference” between PlayStation 3 and Orbis input/output.
Apparently, Sony aims to avoid the problems it encountered when launching PS3. They want to create a console that’s “very affordable,” but “isn’t a slouch.”

- User Interface.

The UI has been revamped. Players now will be able to press the PlayStation button mid-game and travel “anywhere” on the system...


An example given was buying DLC from the PS Store mid-game then seamlessly returning to play.

“They’re trying to make it as fluid as possible,” our source said.

We were also told that the machine will be designed to accept system and product updates in the background, and that it’ll “always be in standby mode”. When you set the console up, we were told, you’ll be asked if you want to allow background downloads. You can, of course, disallow them.
No details have been given on the pad as yet, but confirmation is expected 'this month'.

Finally, the site was told Sony is set to announce the new console “just before E3″ next year.

Of course, there's nothing confirmed, so take this with a grain of salt. But, those definitely get in line with the recent rumors saying 'Orbis' would feature an AMD CPU and that could be ready by next year.

What do you think?

NEWS SOURCE #1: PS4 details Playstation 4 (via) VG247
NEWS SOURCE #2: Rumor PS4 based on AMD A10 series new dev-kits shipping (via) Gematsu

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