Crunching the Latest PS3 Scene News! - Computers / PC Gaming / Support Corner We all own at least one Personal Number Crunching Desktop Machine! en Fri, 09 Nov 2012 00:50:29 GMT vBulletin 5 Crunching the Latest PS3 Scene News! - Computers / PC Gaming / Support Corner People proficient in Debian Squeeze, please help Thu, 01 Nov 2012 23:37:22 GMT Here's my problem. I am trying like hell to compile a specialized version of XBMC to be a headless library scanner on my NAS. The NAS is my OpenMediaVault system. the AMD Fusion system. OMV has a Debian Squeeze base.

A rough idea on the process of this starts at this post:

I would really love some more people who know what the hell they are doing to please help me learn how to compile this properly and get it running. A script to get me going would be appreciated as well. ]]>
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Is BF3 compatible with MAC OSX? Mon, 29 Oct 2012 09:50:30 GMT well guys I just want to play BF3 on the Mac osx but prior to go installation I would like to know whether the game is compatible with Mac os or not.... well guys I just want to play BF3 on the Mac osx but prior to go installation I would like to know whether the game is compatible with Mac os or not. I have played it On windows but no idea about Mac. So, any idea? ]]> Computers / PC Gaming / Support Corner Nicholas Ripped Blu-ray ISO - How to convert to movie? Thu, 04 Oct 2012 20:56:31 GMT Hello all. I have a Cobra USB PS3, which has the functionality to rip Blu-ray disks to iso. This is currently my only way to rip Blu-rays, and is... Hello all.
I have a Cobra USB PS3, which has the functionality to rip Blu-ray disks to iso. This is currently my only way to rip Blu-rays, and is fine. However, I want to convert these backup isos to MKV or such. Is there any way I can do this?

Thanks in advance! ]]>
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Basic Idiot Proof Guide to Downloading Torrents Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:22:05 GMT I recently had a co-worker, who is completely illiterate, ask me how he can use torrents to download and play movies on his laptop. He is not... I recently had a co-worker, who is completely illiterate, ask me how he can use torrents to download and play movies on his laptop. He is not computer savvy at all, and I ended up writing him a VERY long email to explain some things. He would download a file, and if it wouldn't play in VLC Media Player, he would delete them. No idea of of the concepts of extracing, etc. The email was so long, and lengthy, I decided to post it here, incase you have any friends yourself that ask you these questions. It's by no nears a complete guide, I wrote it as quickly I could. I thought maybe it could help someone out. I also attached a simple little .bat file, that when you double click on it, it will Show Hidden Files in Windows, and if you click it again, it will Hide them. It was easier than trying to explain him how to show them...

Anyway, here is my email to him, if anyone sees quick mistakes, typos, etc, let me know. I wrote it for a very specific situtation (a non computer savvy guy, who only uses, uses Utorrent, uses 7-zip, and only downloads movies or UFC fights. It obviously applies to almost all torrents, but I thought maybe it was enough to help him, and could maybe help someone else out (not really someone here, Crunch is full of smart people...and people who will learn themselves how to pirate the latest pirate-worthy material. Since *.bat files can be seen as a virus, and are blocked in most emails, I used 7-zip to extract it first. You can unzip it, and right click and edit it, to make sure the code isn't dirty. Or tell me a better way to do it.


I figured I'd help ya with downloading the best I can, over the email, to see if if I can explain it enough.

First of all, Windows by default, hides you from being able to see certain extension files. You may need it for this stuff. All files have an extension. Internet Explorer for example is shown as iexplore.exe, but Windows usually hides the .exe file, so all you see is iexplore. I wrote a file that will automatically change the setting for you, so I don't have to show you how to go through all the steps to show file extensions. If you double click on the file I attached, it will show file extensions. If you click on it again, it will hide them. The file is attached is "Toggle Hidden Files.7z" Download the file, right click on it, click on 7-zip, than click extract here. You should see a new file pop up, called "Toggle Hidden Files", it should have a different icon. Just click on it. A small black box will open up and close. That means its worked, and you can know see these extensions. If for any reason you want to hide them again, just double click Toggle Hidden Files again.

So far you've been picking a video on You have a few options on the kinds of videos to download.

There are categories on for movies/tv shows:

Movies/ x264 - The Movies / x264 has higher quality, High Definition/Bluray Quality Movies. They are larger size, but they will look MUCH better on your projector or TV.
Movies / XviD - These are usually the smallest size files, they are "rips" of the Movies / DVD-R, to get rid of everything but the actual DVD movie. The movie is acctually compressed, so its lower quality than a DVD ya get in store.
Movies / DVD-R - These are meant to be burnt directly to a DVD, but you can watch them through VLC, the picture is DVD quality, not HD quality, but it contains all the menus, previews, extras, etc., like you buying a movie from the store.
TV / HDx264 - These are higher quality TV shows, usually some guy records an HD show from his cable or Satellite, removes the commericals, than uploads them.
TV / SDx264 - Despite the name of the category, it seems to be the same as TV / HDx264.
TV / XviD - These are lower quality TV rips. Basically the same difference in quality from Movies/x264 (Bluray Quality) and Movies / XVID (DVD quality)

It depends on how picky you are, on where you download stuff from. Since you have nice equipment, you could make use of Movies / x264 and TV / HDx264 and TV / SDx264. But they take much longer to download, so you have to decide if the extra audio/video quality is worth it to you. If you want to burn DVD movies especially for your Mom, stuff out off the Movies/DVD-R category would work great, since it'll play no problem through VLC media player, and you can burn them onto a disc real easy, and your Mom will get a disc that works like one exactly from store.

Lets go over a few movies that you might download, to show you why they may not work. The first movie under HD / x264 (these are what I normally download) are American.History.X.1998.1080p.BluRay.x264-RETREAT. It's a large movie, 8.11GB, and if you download it, you'll notice there are 90 files in the folder when your done. The files are labeled like this:

all the way up to american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.r85

There are "rules" for people who upload movies, that they break the movies into various parts. it makes it faster and easier to download. But files with the extension .r00, r01, or .rar, aren't ready to be played when they're downloaded. This is where that program 7zip comes in handy. If you look in the folder where American History X was downloaded, you will see all 90 files. If you tried to play them in VLC, it may play, may not. The first thing you want to do is, open the program 7-zip. We will change a few setting, that you'll never have to touch again, to make things easier. Once in 7-zip, click the "Tools" button the menu bar, than click "Options". It should bring up an options box, where your on the "System" Tab.

In the box, it says Associate 7-zip with: 001, 7z, arj, bz2, bzip2, etc. (theres a long list of maybe 25)
On the lower part of the box, click the "Select All" box, Press the "Ok" button, and exit 7-zip. If you go back to where you downloaded your movie, for American History X, or a large number of movies, you will see a bunch of files with similiar names, like american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.r00, american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.r01, american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.rar. The easiest way to "extract" the file, is to go find the file labeled american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.rar (or whatever movie you're trying to extract), Right-click on the file, click 7-zip, than click Extract Here. It can take a while to extract (10-15 minutes some times), but when you're done, you will have a file in your folder thats the actual real video. In my example, its american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.mkv. MKV is a video format, so you can double click it, or open it in VLC media player, and you're good to go. You can delete every file in the folder, all the r01, rar, sfv, nfo, etc. files, and just leave the movie. Sometimes, you may need to go in uTorrent, click the "Completed" label, that has a check by it, and find the movie you just downloaded. Find the torrent of the movie you finished downloading, right click on it, and hit the "Remove" button. It will just stop utorrent from uploading to others, and allow you to delete the files. If you keep all the r01, rar, etc. files, AND keep the actual movie, you'll run out of hard drive space quickly.

Most games and movies are in this format, with r00, r01, r02, and rar files. If you find the rar file, right click it with 7-zip, and extract it, the movie will be extracted, and ready to play. There are exceptions, but thats the norm. As long as the torrent shows being completed in utorrent, you will be ready to extract and play it. You may run into movies that don't need extracting.

"Movie" files usually end in extensions like:
.ISO (ISO files are complete DVD images, you can watch them directly with VLC media player, than directly burn to DVD)

They will almost ALWAYS be in just a few formats, like american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.mkv, or american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.avi, or american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.mpeg, or american.history.x.1080p.x264-retreat.mpg. If you see that, it should be ready to play.

If you ever see extensions like:

That means you need use 7-zip to "extract" it first, than play the single file it outputs in VLC media player.

If you have any more questions, let me know.
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