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    Thumbs up multiMAN -- Crunching Support & Releases

    DeanK never rests...

    Another version of multiMAN is already available, and as usual comes with a few useful changes and improvements.
    But this this release fixes an old bug laying around since the days of v04.17.00, so it is recommend to install v04.18.04!

    Here is official release info from DeanK earlier this morning on Crunch:

    There is a bug introduced in mM 04.17.00 from December 20th, 2012.

    When copying folders/games mM skips files with names x.yyy (1 letter name . extension).

    Thanks to GotIt4Free for sounding the alarm. The bug is present in versions 04.17.00/01/02/03/04/05, 04.18.00/01/02/03 so if you're on one of these versions I strongly suggest that you update to 04.18.04.


    04.18.04 (available online)

    * When on-screen-keyboard (OSK) is used and user cancels the entry mM will not accept the entered text
    * Created proper ring-buffer for mp3 playback which should mean no more glitches/pauses of the music
    * Restored support for GLC3.PNG for themes in 8x4 mode
    * Increased screenshot JPEG quality to 90% and 1MB buffer size
    * Toolbox/IPF from /app_home will be activated when you quit mM with {PS} button on 4.30 Rogero CFWs
    * Fixed a bug introduced in mM 04.17.00: mM skipping 1-letter filenames (x.yyy) when copying folders


    multiMAN ver 04.18.04 UPD (20130115).zip (5.78MB)

    Includes CEX/DEX/STEALTH updates. Also available in the WEB column.
    As usual download mirrors should be up shortly on PS3Scenefiles!

    Don't forget for support and more recent releases please visit the official multiMAN release thread found right here only on PS3Crunch!

    Our thanks to 'DeanK' for his never-ending support of multiMAN!
    Last edited by GaryOPA; 01-15-2013 at 11:42 AM. Reason: UPDATED to v04.18.04

    If you like multiMAN or multiAVCHD, support the development with a small donation. Click here.

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    holy sideways post batman!

    lol you should try and fix that >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangwoot View Post
    holy sideways post batman!

    lol you should try and fix that >.<
    Yeah, when I first posted it I didn't notice the picture was 1280x800, I thought it would auto-scale down, but instead it fuck up the post. Oh'well, it is fixed now! Thanks!

    -=( Gary from O.P.A. / Your Master Phoenix Admin / MaxConsole / PS3Crunch / 360Crunch / PSVitaGuru / WiiUNewz )=-

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    Damn! This guy is UNSTOPPABLE. Thanks for the update.

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    here you go links for everything you need!! - MultiMAN 2.02.00 FULL - MutliMAN Emulator Pack - BDEMU2

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    Really looking forward to Dean possibly adding PS1 compatibility now that the Cobra has been dumped. This guy is a machine.

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    Excellent work Dean!
    I got a workshop!!!

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    multiMAN just keeps getting better and better
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    Does Deank ever sleep????

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    LOL, probably not .. no The man is a machine <3



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