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    Is there some kind of exploit in the program that uses a trojan to gain root on the ps2? we had a program that did that in the galaxy s epic 4g forums at xda. so if thats the deal I'll try another program to extract it and disable my antivirus.

    I'm downloading through Sprint in the U.S. @ 250kB/s. I've had this problem before. well, this is what checksums were made for, I think? lol

    EDIT: wow I'm not as smart as I think I am lmfao. When I was promted to install the drivers when I plugged the adapter in, I kept going to ps3mca-windrv/ x86 and hitting okay and it wouldnt install.1 Like an genius, I should have clicked okay when ps3mca-windrv was highlighted. Ugh I'm slow. thanks guys, I'm on the fast track to a modded ps2

    I hate to say it but, I'm a n00b. Okay so I got everything installed on the card. so what do i do now. am i done? how do i load esr and hdloader and opl now?
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    Stick it into your ps2 and power it on. You should see a new (enhanced) menu, select uLaunchELF, navigate to the elf of your choice and run it.
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    It's been awhile but I think with a default install those should show up on your ps2 menu. Like he said stick your memory card in before turning on the ps2. IIRC, there are some tutorials on configuring it at You have to patch game iso's to run with esr. Also, there is a version of codebreaker that will work from memory card and with esr. You can set up your configuration to have an entry for opl on the ps2 menu if it's not already there or use Ulaunch to navigate to where opl is and start it manually. Have fun.
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    plz can some one help i dawnloaded the ps3mca-tool-fmcb-1.8c_Full-Repack i unziped it to my pc then opend ps3mca-tool-fmcb-1.8c INSTALLER then soon as i try to format it it comes up saying pased but red screen on instaler window dox but sez pres enter to continue so press enter then pops up saying aplication can not start as lilbusd0.dll was not found plz can u help i been tryin years to to get fmcb on my ps2

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    Here you go it is setup with two BAT files, jsut run format.bat then once done run install.bat.
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    thanks a lot



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