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    Miscellaneous Sony patent details a new PlayStation Move design

    Reimagined with ultrasonic capabilities and IR emitters.

    A recently discovered Sony patent describes a new redesign for the PlayStation Move, now with ultrasonic location analysis and Wiimote-like IR tracking.

    A recently discovered patent application from Sony details a new PlayStation Move design, featuring ultrasonic capabilities and Wiimote-like IR emitters.

    The patent application describes a "method for determining location of a controller," which proposes tracking controller depth by measuring the travel time of sound emitted from the device to the TV. Two-dimensional tracking would be managed via the existing Move's visual spectrum camera, or by using a display-mounted IR emitter in conjunction with a remote mounted sensor (just like the Wiimote)...

    Although not technically part of the patent, the application's attached visual aids are pretty creative too -- showcasing a completely redesigned Move wand with swappable button faceplates. One embodiment shows two Move controllers attached end-to-end, mimicking a sword, while another shows a pair side by side, linked by a full gamepad sized faceplate. One bold image shows a player with two devices strapped to his ankles, performing a backwards flip to kick a digital soccer ball -- Sony is apparently very confident about the patent's potential tracking accuracy. We'll reserve judgment until we see the technology in practice, but feel free to read the claims for yourself at the source link below, or simply mosey on past the break to see the aforementioned athlete trying to break his neck.
    You can check out the full patent application HERE.

    And, check out some of the pics below!

    NEWS SOURCE #1: New Playstation Move design discovered in latest Sony patent (via) TheSilentChief
    NEWS SOURCE #2: Sony patent application reimagines Playstation Move with ultrasonic (via) EnGadget

    Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails move_1.png   move_2.png   move_3.png   move_4.png   move_5.png  

    -=( Gary from O.P.A. / Your Master Phoenix Admin / MaxConsole / PS3Crunch / 360Crunch / PSVitaGuru / WiiUNewz )=-

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    LOL @ fig21 ,that is just ridiculous

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    Quote Originally Posted by themuse View Post
    LOL @ fig21 ,that is just ridiculous
    Yep, i guess we gonna see more and more fails videos like this compilation , but with more "moves" :-D

    3.36 minute, could hurt the most sensitives ones ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonster View Post
    Yep, i guess we gonna see more and more fails videos like this compilation , but with more "moves" :-D

    3.36 minute, could hurt the most sensitives ones ;-)
    I like the dog rape!

    Aww, there's a good doggy - shag that kid to death!
    Instead of me being a complete and total dick and a prick, I should be on my best behaviour!

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    It is like they are going farther out of their way to make the controller look like a sex toy. They went from the dildo looking move controller to a full on clit stimulator in fig. 3A.

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    keep in mind many patents never make its way to development/production. most times they never make it.




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