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    ps3 The CronusMAX is Here !

    Team-Xecuter has greatly improved the Cronus device with a bunch of mod packs!

    TX got a bunch of the Cronus-X devices from a retailer and have reprogrammed them with their own custom firmware to make them MUCH more powerful than the standard (and more expensive) retail version!

    Team-Xecuter has return from a break in releasing new devices, and with some great news, they have reprogrammed the retail Cronus-X devices with an custom firmware and are offering up a ton of modpacks for it, making it now the CronusMAX and it will be available alot cheaper then retail version, and offers alot more features, here is the details on how it all works for both X360 and PS3:

    Cross-over Gaming

    The CronusMAX is the first ever cross-compatibility gaming add-on ever created for video game industry. Simply put, it allows you to use your favorite gaming controller on virtually any console you want. Love your Xbox 360 controller but have to use Playstation 3 at your buddy's house? Not a problem. Just plug in the CronusMAX, sync your controller, and you are ready to go. No setup. No hassle. Just play!

    Our unique device opens up a whole new world of gaming for you. Gone are the days when you are restricted to using uncomfortable controllers because of the system you are playing on.

    Features include:

    • Works on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and any Windows-based PC
    • You can even use a Wii controller on your Xbox 360 or PS3.
    • Lag-free. Instant response every time
    • No installation necessary. Simply plug-and-play.

    Precision Mouse & Keyboard Control

    There are many "mouse and keyboard" console adapters on the market today, so, what makes CronusMAX so different? The answer is simple: precision. Making a high precision device (like a mouse) work well in a game that was designed for controller thumbsticks is a very hard problem. All console shooters have different levels of "aim-assist" that makes them playable using a controller. If done incorrectly, adapting a mouse to these games will result in aiming that feels jerky, unresponsive, and detached. CronusMAX takes this mouse tracking information to the next level using it's unique "MAXaim" technology.

    Through MAXaim, CronusMAX is able to provide unparalleled mouse precision unachievable by any other gaming adapter available. The problem is simple: when the mouse moves, equivalent reticle movement on the screen should occur (i.e. 1-to-1 movement). This is the obvious result that all PC-gamers expect. But, before the creation of MAXaim was not possible on consoles. Every console shooter has its own unique aiming system that governs how the game controls and feels to the gamer. Every game is different as they all have different stick dead-zones and geometries, variable sensitivity and acceleration regions, asymmetric sensitivity, non-linear movement, and more. Be cautious of any console mouse adapter that claims "PC-feel" without talking about how it solves all these challenges.

    CronusMAX's simplicity and flexibility is also second-to-none. It's philosophy is to empower the gamer without bombarding them with unneeded complexity. It's quick and easy to set up your preferred gaming environment. Even more, it will actually give you real-time feedback to help you find your optimal settings. For the most hard core gamer, CronusMAX offers an insane amount of capabilities, without any kind of soldering or extra hardware to install to the controller - it's the first truly ultimate all-in-one wireless controller modding device.

    CronusMAX enables a gamer to choose input devices that suits them best whether at a desk or on a couch in the living room. Mix and match different devices for your optimal playing style.

    Features Include:

    • Next-generation console input adapter
    • Game on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 using your favorite PC gaming-grade hardware
    • Supports both desktop and living room gaming styles
    • Unsurpassed in-game 1-to-1 feel thanks to advanced MAXaim technology
    • Simple configuration
    • Real-time feedback to guide you to your optimal settings
    • Bonus Feature: Ability to remap PC grade Joypads and gamepads !
    • Note: A Windows-PC is required while using the keyboard & mouse together

    Fully Modded Controller

    The CronusMAX really is the ultimate solution to all of your controller modding needs. It allows you to implement powerful mod capabilities to your controller WITHOUT the need to add additional chips or wires to the hardware. This means it will work with your controller RIGHT NOW giving you a fully modded controller with no installation necessary. There is absolutely no need to make changes or modifications to your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 controller - this has never been done before. This innovative new technology isn't available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of mods at your fingertips, CronusMAX is perfect for the gamer looking to add an extra edge to their game.

    Features include:

    • Wireless state of the art modification technology
    • Millions of mod configurations - No Combo Limit !
    • No lag time (tested to 1.2 milliseconds)
    • No chips, wires, or other hardware installation required
    • No soldering or opening the controller - Plug and Play !
    • Fully loaded with ALL major mod packs
    • Support for all console games (i.e. COD series, Battlefield Series, Mortal Kombat, Madden, FIFA, GTA, Tiger Woods and many more!)
    • Stores memory for up to 9 of your favorite games. Button on the CronusMAX allows you to switch between game slots
    • 100% undetectable online
    • Custom software for mapping the controllers buttons
    • Complete button layout configuration
    • User friendly menu system using controller LEDs
    • Works with both Xbox 360 and PS3
    • Does NOT void controller warranty
    • Bluetooth dongle required (Sold Separately)

    The CronusMAX has 12 different mod class with up to 53 selectable mods allowing for millions of mod combinations giving you a fully modded controller with no installation necessary. You can choose and combine one mod from each class for a total of 12 active mods at the SAME TIME. This means you can make combinations such a burst fire added to rapidfire resulting in an exclusive "automatic burstfire" mode. This mode can be optimized by adjusting the number of bullets fired per burst as well as the time between bursts. For additional optimization, you can add the "scope enable" mod which will allow your "automatic burstfire" to be activated only when the ADS scope is in use.

    CronusMAX also allows you to use your controller on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. When you purchase CronusX it's like having two devices in one!

    PLEASE NOTE: These are only examples. You do NOT have to use the combinations in this manner. You can experiment and use whatever combinations suit your playing style best. The possibilities are endless. And with the exclusive "press sensitivity" feature, you can assign two different mods to one single button!

    PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to use your Xbox 360 controller wirelessly on your PS3 you will need to purchase the Microsoft Wireless Receiver. Without it, you can only use a wired Xbox 360 controller with the PS3. An Xbox 360 wired controller is also required for the initial setup on an Xbox 360. Also, due to how the CronusMAX communicates with the controller, the headset port is used so you will not be able to use headsets that plug into the controller itself. So, any headset that can connect directly to the console either wired or wireless can work as long as it does not plug in to the CronusMAX, or controller being supported by the CronusMAX at that current time.

    Available Mod Packs

    • Battlefield Cheat Pack MSRP +$19.95 (CronusMAX INCLUDED FREE!)
    • Black Ops 2 CheatPack (Optimized for Black Ops 2) MSRP +$14.95 (CronusMAX INCLUDED FREE!)
    • Call of Duty Cheat Pack (all COD games) MSRP +$19.95 (CronusMAX INCLUDED FREE!)
    • God of War Cheat Pack MSRP +$9.95 (CronusMAX INCLUDED FREE!)
    • Gran Turismo 5 Cheat Pack MSRP +$9.95 (CronusMAX INCLUDED FREE!)
    • Mortal Kombat 9 Finalizations Cheat Pack MSRP +$14.95 (CronusMAX INCLUDED FREE!)
    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour Cheat Pack MSRP +$9.95 (CronusMAX INCLUDED FREE!)

    All CronusMAX devices are fully loaded with ALL mod packs. There are no extra fees !


    The Cronus-X Device with all of the mod packs retails at over $170 (Click here to see)

    Our custom version, the CronusMAX will retail at only $59.95

    NEWS SOURCE: The CronusMAX is Here ! (via) Team-Xecuter

    -=( Gary from O.P.A. / Your Master Phoenix Admin / MaxConsole / PS3Crunch / 360Crunch / PSVitaGuru / WiiUNewz )=-

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    This sounds really awesome, cause I hate the ps3 controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveo1978 View Post
    This sounds really awesome, cause I hate the ps3 controller.
    I'm just the opposite, I don't like the 360

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    Well I must be honest the d-pad on the ps3 is great but I only ever used it in fighting games and I do not play them often.




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