Both GameStop and Amazon have 'Launch Day' units!

Either the news of RAM Usage of System OS has caused alot of cancels, or Sony has added an extra shipment to their holiday launch window

Major retailers have updated their websites to state that 'pre-orders' are now available again for those wishing to secure in getting an PlayStation 4 on Launch Day.

Either this was caused by horrible news yesterday of Sony allowing their System OS to take up a big chunk of RAM, or the recent news of late launch coming in middle of December has allowed Sony to secure another shipment of units for the stores to allow more pre-orders.


GameStop is accepting pre-orders for PlayStation 4 once more, according to a newsletter sent to PowerUp Rewards members.

Pre-orders are available as of today, July 27, but in limited stock. Buyers can choose from several bundles, which include launch titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Knack for $459.98. The Drive Club bundle, priced at $519.97, is also available once again.

Today, released another allocation of PS4 Launch Day bundles. Two of the bundles come with the console, a controller, one PS4 game, and a year's subscription to PS Plus. The bundles range in price between $459.98 and $499.90 (the bundles that include PS Plus are priced at $499.90).
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