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    ps3 E3-Team releases another demo video for their PS3 ODE

    Development of the E3 ODE is moving along fast, with another demo video released today of it working with real games

    It has only been two weeks since E3 Team released the first pictures of their ODE and already they got most of the design debugged and working, and today released another video showing their progress.

    Here is the latest update from the team today:

    E3 ODE DEMO run game successfully!

    E3 ODE DEMO pictures released less than 2 weeks, the real game testing video has been released, compared with other PS3 ODE , the efficiency of E3TEAM is amazing!

    Compared with the first test video with our PC, the E3 ODE DEMO speed has increased many times. E3TEAM will continue to optimize the operating speed.

    And because E3 ODE processor is nearly twice the speed than other PS3 ODE processors, the final E3 ODE speed will be completely beyond other PS3 ODE.

    A special emphasis on E3TEAM, the other PS3 ODE need to restart the PS3 or need to repeatedly pulling BD drive case when playing and switching game, these operations will seriously damage the life of PS3 or BD drive.

    While the E3 ODE PRO unique technology, makes the user to completely avoid these risks, user playing the game and switching the game, without repeatedly restarting the PS3, also does not need to be repeatedly pulling the drive case, it protects the PS3 or BD drive life well.

    This technology is E3TEAM exclusive research and development, and at present no other PS3 ODE has this function.

    Again the E3 ODE PRO's official retail price is USD $79.80, and E3TEAM will be officially listing the unit for sale at the end of August.
    Watch The Video Here: -->

    E3-TEAM will release more details in few days, so stay tuned to the Official E3-Tech Support Forums for more info and news!



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    I'm going to say, that video was a fake
    why ?

    1. this video did not show, how to choose the title game from HDD external
    2. when he want to insert the F1 2012 BD,
    he switched it with other BD game, around time 00:37 - 00:40, We can not see the BD's switch on the right

    if it is true that was their official video of E3 ODE.

    so E3-team was a MAGICIAN


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    I'm not that keen on this ODE stuff. However, I'm more interested in developed flasher, e.g. E3 Flasher, that enables downgrading from high firmware to a lower one (4.xx to 3.55) on every console with a better installation process. That's that for me.




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