Hi, I understand that Gateway 3DS is the first generation 3DS flash card and is obviously going to be imperfect for now. What I want to know is if you, the developers of this project, know if these are possible features for future versions to come?

- "Multi-load" - Load multiple games into a MicroSD card like the DS flash cards instead of only limiting one SD card to one backup rom.

- Compatibility for DS games - From what I've seen the package contains 2 cards, one blue card and one red card, and the blue card is known as the setup card which can also play DS games which leaves the red card to play 3DS games. Are there any plans to make something like a 2-in-1 kind of card? Where one card is capable to play both types of roms. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate you guys going out on your way to include another card for DS games but the 2-in-1 is just a bonus and more convenient.

That's all I want to know, now here's the thing. I'm not demanding that these features should be your next to-do list for the card, but with the 2-in-1 feature aside, I'm sure many people would love for the card to have multi-load. I don't want to rush you, this card is great and should you take it slowly for a more quality product then so be it. What I want to know is if multi-load is possible, if you have an idea of how to implement this feature already or have any plans on doing so.

I really want to purchase this card, but I do not want to carry tons of SD cards and even if I do I won't have a way to distinguish them from what games are inside it, though this could easily be fixed by marking them but it may be too costly for some people like me. Also since micro SD cards are very small, it is quite possible to lose them.

I'm a very patient man, but it's just more assuring that if you had plans to implement it then I can wait for however long you need to create a quality card. Thank for taking your time to read this and I'd appreciate it if you will answer my many questions.