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PlayStation hardware sales lull as PS4 storm brews

Aug 01, 2013 - 6:11 PM - by GaryOPA
Kaz you believe it? I think the storm in Kansas, has blow the Vita sales data away!

According to Sony's latest financial results, fewer PS3s, PS2s and PSPs were sold in the quarter ending 30th June 2013 than they were during the same period last year. Vita wasn't mentioned.

Sony's sales data is in for last month, as it shows that PS3 sales are much lower then this time last year, and that is of course understandable with the new PS4 just around the corner.

In the other dept. PS Vita, Sony is still doing the 'combined' math of Vita + PSP, so we have no clue how badly it is doing, but from the looks of it, sales are way down also on that side.

Combined PS3 and PS2 sales were 1.1 million, and last year they were 2.8 million. Combined Vita and PSP sales were 0.6 million, and last year they were 1.4 million.

This was offset by a rise in game sales (no doubt boosted by The Last of Us), numbers rising from 43 million last year to 64 million this year.

As such, Sony's Game segment performance was pretty much flat year-on-year, raking in $1.2 billion.

However, operating income for the segment plummeted 322 per cent down to -$149 million, which means the PlayStation business continues to make a loss. Sony attributed this to "an increase in research and development expenses related to the upcoming introduction of the PlayStation 4".

Sony also noted that it "received accolades" when it showed PlayStation 4 at E3 this year, and we all know that means.

Next quarter, ending 30th September, Sony expects Game segment sales to "increase significantly". It's a busier quarter in general, but could Sony also be alluding to some kind of PS3 price cut or deal to come? Gamescom is just around the corner after all, as is PS4.

Broadly, business was good for Sony. All-in-all a net loss of -$2.5 billion this time last year was turned into a $35 million profit this year.
NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation hardware sales lull as PS4 storm brews (via) EuroGamer
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Aug 01, 2013 - 3:17 PM - by Luca93xD
Italian developer Alexander (of PS3MOD) has released the first stable release, complete and free of bugs of his custom firmware, which reaches version 1.1.

We also thank all those who curse us and everything else! We make no distinction with anyone. All those who speak ill of us, for better or for worse will always be thanked. A special thanks goes to Acid Burn for his continuing disregard of our work

  • Fully corrected the error in-game icons (thanks to sguerrini97)
  • Reinstated message photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Reinstated the PSN original logo.
  • Further sped up the loading of games
  • Removed the title "LDZ" from now on will be called Custom Firmware FERROX.

This CFW was tested on:

  • CECH-2001A ( SLIM 120gb )
  • CECH-2004A
  • CECH-2501A
  • CECH-2002B
  • CECH-2001B ( 250gb SLIM )
  • CECHG04
  • CECHL04
  • CECH-2004B
  • CECH-2504A Datacode 1A

MD5 CFW FERROX v1.1: 3FD3C5ACEE791647311F595E5C364A9E

Download link:!tJRGVLiD!WJAo33...GkmsEvZ-j6UnlM

  2 Replies | 940 Views


Soul Calibur 5 Save Mod for PS3 port by WhiteLord

Jul 31, 2013 - 2:18 PM - by GaryOPA
We all know Soul Calibur Series and their NPCs

Now we have a Soul Calibur game which allows us to use some Special NON Player Usable Costumes via ...Save file mod, thanks to the efforts by WhiteLord, a member of Team DaTeHaCKs

Quote Originally Posted by White Lord
The Save file mod was first present to XBOX360 and now I have ported this mod to PS3 save.

I hope the save I will submit will work.

You will need a USB device and a copy of your Soul Calibur Save. Browse the save data folder on your device find your Soul Calibur 5 save data folder be it BLES or BLUS shouldn't matter since i upload the files without the param.sfo file so save should work on all regions. Report if it doesn't I will upload the entire save then.

DOWNLOAD MOD: Soul Calibur 5 PS3 Special Modded - PS3SceneFiles
DOWNLOAD MOD: Soul Calibur 5 PS3 Special Modded - Mirror

NEWS SOURCE: Soul Calibur 5 Save Mod for PS3 port by WhiteLord (via) MaxConsole
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PlayStation 4: Party Chat Will be Free to All

Jul 29, 2013 - 1:40 PM - by GaryOPA
You won't need PS Plus for Netflix or party chat, and your friends list will cap at 2,000

Sony has confirmed that you won't need a PS Plus subscription to make use of the PlayStation 4's party chat functionality

Sony has released another Q&A video, and in it they talk about alot of changes between PS3 and PS4, and one of them is that 'Party Chat' will no longer required you to have an valid PSN+ account.

At the moment, a PlayStation Plus subscription is needed to the online multiplayer of most titles, though services like Netflix, party chat, and free-to-play games like DC Universe Online will be available without it.

Additionally, the video also confirms that PlayStation 4 friends lists will be capped at 2,000 people, DualShock 3 controllers won't work with the PS4 while the PlayStation Move will, and your PSN avatar and username will carry over to PlayStation 4 along with a host of privacy options.

One of the biggest concerns fans have raised about the PlayStation 4 is just how many features will be accessible without owning a PS Plus account.
NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation 4: Party Chat Will be Free to All (via) IGN
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PlayStation 4 pre-orders are available again

Jul 27, 2013 - 1:42 PM - by GaryOPA
Both GameStop and Amazon have 'Launch Day' units!

Either the news of RAM Usage of System OS has caused alot of cancels, or Sony has added an extra shipment to their holiday launch window

Major retailers have updated their websites to state that 'pre-orders' are now available again for those wishing to secure in getting an PlayStation 4 on Launch Day.

Either this was caused by horrible news yesterday of Sony allowing their System OS to take up a big chunk of RAM, or the recent news of late launch coming in middle of December has allowed Sony to secure another shipment of units for the stores to allow more pre-orders.


GameStop is accepting pre-orders for PlayStation 4 once more, according to a newsletter sent to PowerUp Rewards members.

Pre-orders are available as of today, July 27, but in limited stock. Buyers can choose from several bundles, which include launch titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Knack for $459.98. The Drive Club bundle, priced at $519.97, is also available once again.

Today, released another allocation of PS4 Launch Day bundles. Two of the bundles come with the console, a controller, one PS4 game, and a year's subscription to PS Plus. The bundles range in price between $459.98 and $499.90 (the bundles that include PS Plus are priced at $499.90).
NEWS SOURCE #1: Playstation 4 'Launch Day' bundles back in stock at Amazon (via) Examiner
NEWS SOURCE #2: PlayStation 4 pre-orders available again at GameStop (via) PolyGon
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